About Fish –

“Vocal Clarity, Dynamic Music, and the Artist’s/Label’s vison are what I focus on. ” -FishJackson

Justin Jackson, also known as “Fish” or “MixedByFish” is an aspiring mix engineer.

“Having gone through the audio jungle, I cut my teeth on EDM production, sound design both synthesized and foley of instruments/FXs/drums, and now any and everything audio engineering related mostly focusing on HipHop and Urban work. I feel most at home when I’m behind the mixing board because that’s where the real magic takes place. I love helping new and aspiring artists take their ideas from paper to booth to track and helping it come to life for them in real time. I’m very passionate about what I do – I eat, sleep, and breathe audio. I’m always willing to go the extra mile for my clients to help them achieve success. I love sharing my knowledge with others and mentoring other aspiring mix engineers; I want to see us all succeed. Blessings everyone, let’s work!”

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